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Barm is very rich in vitamins of the group B, A, P and E, and minerals such as zinc, iron or calcium, which makes it an excellent food supplement to keep our body healthy.
Barm is a unicelular fungus (sacharomyces cerevisinas), obtained from decomposed gluten from malt or barley. It is then washed and dried to prepare for consumption. Barm has a wide range of beneficial properties, it’s most commonly known ones are the improvement of skin tone and hair growth, its high content in proteins and because it regulates blood sugar.
Although it is not well known, barm has a preventive and treating effect on the body and also contributes to a healthy digestive systems and it protects skin. It is rich in proteins and amino acids, and therefore essential in cell building and restauration.
Most importantly, it contains essential aminoacids that cannot be synthesized by the body, that’s why its proteins have a high biological value. These aminoacids ( histidine, lisine, tryptophan, leucine, phenylalanine and cystine) are essential to life. Bar mis also extremely rich (0.45 %) in glutation (a tripeptid that plays an essential role in vital functions).
The effect of amino acids is beneficial to red blood cells, and heightens resistance to infectious diseases. It also has an important effect on cell respiration.
On top of being a major and most healthy sources of protein, barm compensates for certain lacks in our diet. Its vitamins help to catalyze carbohydrates. It is a crucial nutritional element for the nervous system, thanks to its considerable amount of vitamins of the complex B, which help to regulate nervous atrophism. Vitamin B2 also plays a vital role in cellular oxirreduction and prevents latencies in celular growth as well as eye, skin and mucus conditions. Vitamin B6 is vital for the correct functioning of the liver, gallbladder and the nervous system.
Its content in folic acid keeps the intestinal tegumentary system wholesome and healthy blood replacement, which makes barm an essential weapon in the fight against anemia.
Barm is rich in minerals with a high biological value, especially phosphor and potassium. Phosphor is essential for the acid-basic balance of the blood; while potassium plays a vital role in the cellular metabolism of water. Barm also contains calcium, which is essential for bone formation, and iron, valuable for its antianemic qualities and its crucial role in the formation of blood hemoglobins.
Barm garantuees a complete emptying of the bowels, and provides a shield against rotting processes in the digestive tube, and is therefore a natural purifier.
Barm is especially recommended in springtime, when it is most important to cleanse our blood. It is then recommended to take the tablets during a two to three month remedy. Furunculosis, for instance, which often becomes more intense in this season, can be treated successfully with the intake of barm.
Bottle with 250 tablets of 400mg

How to use: Take 6 tablets per day

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