Avocado Oil (virgin 100ml)



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Our avocado oil is 100% pure and virgin, 100 ml. Avocado oil is a thick penetrating oil, which is absorbed very quickly, and that suits all types of skin. Widely used for the care of dry, scaly skin and in the process of aging. It is also used for sensitive skin, devitalized, dehydrated or chapped skin.

Avocado oil has a regenerative power and reconstructs the epidermis and stimulates the scalp. Rich in vitamins A, E and B.

Uses and Benefits of Avocado Oil:

    • Apply over the body, giving a soft massage.
    • Hair Mask, leaving work for about 20 minutes, after which is washed with regular shampoo.

Precautions:Keep in a cool, dry, in the absence of light. Contact with the air supports its rancidity.

The avocado is a fruit that comes from the tree of the same name originally from Mexico, Guatemala and Peru. Following the discovery of America in 1492 was brought to Spain and the rest of Europe. The avocado is a product extremely high in protein and vitamins.

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