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Artichoke has been used traditionally in the kitchen as in the natural preparations and remedies of the Mediterranean culture, although it grows in many parts of the world. Since ancient times, artichoke has been used in the process of purifying the body and as a digestive and mild diuretic. It promotes liver and gallbladder function.

Artichoke is therefore a healthy food that must be present in a balanced diet, as it has some important benefits and various properties important to health.They are delicious in salads and hot dishes, ideal for children and adults, thanks to the various virtues he possesses.

Artichoke leaf contains magnesium, potassium and sterols, which act in a certain synergy with the Cinarina, a substance both aromatic and bitter.

How to use
Bottle 3 capsules daily before meals.

Bottle of 60 cpasules of 350 mg.

It does not replace a varied and healthy diet.
Artichoke capsules are not a drug, or substitute to the usual treatment.
Do not use if there is a blockage in the vesicular duct
Do not take Artichoke capsules while breastfeeding as it alters the flavor of breast milk.

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