Arnica Oil (100ml)


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Arnica oil is ideal before and after physical exertion as beauty care. Regular use of arnica oil helps keep skin healthy and beautiful,it  is also of great help in hair loss.

Arnica is an aromatic plant that has traditionally been used as a tincture for external use. Currently essential oil is extracted which concentrates the properties of this ancient plant, which works by activating blood circulation and analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, can be used to prevent muscle problems, as well as to ease the pain when you have already suffered a sprain, contraction and inflammation, restores skin tone and prevent the formation of stretch marks.

Uses and Benefits:

Local application 20 drops 3 times daily, massage until completely absorbed.

Currently, arnicaoil is used to stimulate circulation, especially at the capillary level because it has a higher power and rubefacient vasodilator.

An arnica oil massage before sports,warms muscle fibers, tones and gives skin elasticity, helping also to prevent stretch marks.
Use after suffering a blow or contusion it helps to prevent bruising by applying to the skin to relieve pain and swelling from bumps and twists.

  • Pregnant women: to provide flexibility to the skin.
  • Seniors: after hot shower or bath, provides balance in maintaining body temperature.

Warning: If used properly there are no contraindications.However, it should never be applied to open wounds or in areas where skin is not present. It is not to be used internally except for homeopathic remedies which by their nature are extremely diluted.

Arnica is a plant native to Central Europe. Abundant in meadows and coniferous forests more or less humid, it is found between 500 and 1500 m to 2800 m altitude. It grows 30 to 50 inches tall, with oval green leaves, roots, reddish, somewhat thin, and yellow flowers.

Contain essential oils, arnicina (the most important in terms of therapeutic activity), glycosides, flavone, carotene and magnesia Arnica is known as healing herb since the sixteenth century, was very popular among farmers as a remedy for muscle aches and bruises. According to legend the mountain climbers used to chew the fresh plant to relieve muscle pain.

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