Andean Salt 400g


Sal andina de maras


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Andean salt (bag of 400g) extracted by hand from an amazing salt area in the heart of the Inca´s civilization (maras – Cuzco – Peru). This salt if formed from natural evaporation of a thin stream of water that comes from inside the mountains. (The beginning of this stream is unknown). This stream is canalized to evaporate and leave the salt and minerals of its composition, forming plots of Andean salt that are collected by the local people of Maras.

This product is exclusive of our company and is a salt that is growing in popularity among consumers as an alternative way to Himalayan salts.

How to use bath salts:
Dissolve from 200 – 250 gr. of andean bath salt into your bathtub (for around 15 minutes to get the salt completely dissolved) and take your bath for about 20 minutes with water at 37ºC.

Andean Salt formation process – maras – Cuzco – Peru

Weight 410 g