Agar agar BIO (Gelidium sesquipedale), 50g


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Agar agar is one the most special seaweeds in nature, due to its capacity to gelatinize dishes. This natural gelatin has become important throughout the world, because it can make juice and many other preparations solid.

Agar agar is the highest quality marine gelatin on the market. It has a neutral flavor consists of soluble fibers extracted from the Gelidium sesquipedale kelp. It is used as a thickening and gelatinizing agent in desserts (cakes, jam, marmalade, pudding, cream, sherbets, fruit juice).

Used to thicken sauces, soups, soups or purées. The kelp is so pure it can also be used in research (microbiology). One tablespoon Agar agar-flakes is enough to thicken 1 liter of liquid, cook 8 minutes.
100% vegetal. Satiating and poor in calories.

Cook for 8 minutes.
To make consistent gelatin: 1 tablespoon per ½ liter of liquid.

To make a flan more consistent: 1 tablespoon agar agar per liter.

Let cool off.
As a thickening agent with a neutral flavor in quiches, hearty soups, purées and sauces

Average composition per 100 g:
Proteins: 0,6%, Fat: 0,1%, Carbohydrates (soluble fibers): 70%, Calcium: 325 mg, Magnesium: 159 mg, Phosphor: 20,7 mg, Iron: 2,2 mg.

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